Income Tax Preparation

We prepare income tax returns for individuals, partnerships and LLCs, corporations, non-profit organizations, estates, and trusts.  With our pro-active approach, we work to identify tax planning opportunities that can minimize your tax liabilities.


Income Tax Planning 

Tax planning is essential to the tax preparation process. We offer tax ​planning services throughout the year ​to help minimize current and future tax liabilities. 

Financial Statement Preparation
We offer two levels of financial statement attestation: compilations and reviews. Compilations are based upon financial information provided, and reviews are a step above compilations that provide limited assurance based on analytical procedures applied. Businesses often find that financial statements are required by banks or other regulatory agencies; and depending upon your needs, we offer monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statement preparation.

Estate Planning 

Although the estate exemption has increased over the years, the need for estate planning has not diminished. Inheritance, whether to a spouse or other beneficiaries, requires planning for the transfer of assets, for stepped-up basis considerations and to lessen the administrative burden to estate beneficiaries.  Succession planning for the transfer of a business is also important to help ensure the continuation of company operations.



Payroll compliance is an important and necessary function of business, and our payroll services include employee payroll calculations; federal payroll tax deposits payments; and monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll filings required by federal and state tax agencies.  


Accounting Software Assistance

We are familiar with most accounting software packages available for small businesses and individuals and can help choose and implement an ​accounting program that best fits your needs.

Audit Representation Before Tax Agencies

Through our many years of experience in dealing with taxing authorities, we can ensure our clients of being properly represented during audits before the various federal and ​state tax agencies. 

Other Services

These services listed above are the primary services that we provide. If you are interested in a service that you do not see listed, please inquire about the service.